We encourage pitches from writers interested in contributing to Dramatics and Teaching Theatre. The best pitches show that you understand our audience and the subjects we cover and cite what kinds of sources (e.g., students, teachers, administrators, actors, directors, etc.) you plan to include. We invite writers to submit tightly focused, one-paragraph pitches on any area of the performing arts, including live theatre, film, and dance.

Rights and returns
Before publishing an article, authors will receive a contract authorizing us to publish or use the article as we choose free of any claims against us for its use. If a previously published work is submitted, you are required to certify that you have retained publication rights and obtained consent from any other authors or entities that have previously published the article or any substantial portion thereof. 

Editing and payment
We edit manuscripts to conform to The Associated Press Stylebook. All submissions are subject to editing, and we try to involve authors in that process as much as possible. Payment is based on quality of work, amount of editing or rewriting needed, length of the piece, and inclusion of photos or graphics. Contributors to our print publications also receive three free copies of the issue in which their piece appears and may obtain additional copies at a minimal charge.

Have a story idea? Submit it below. Or, if you have further questions, contact us at publications@schooltheatre.org

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