Social media is a tool for success if you use it wisely. Social media platforms are no longer just for connecting with family and friends. The many (many!) platforms offer you powerful ways to influence your career path. This is especially true in theatre.

Before you read any further, pause and realize that your online “resume” includes your social media posts and they can and will be found by more people than you can imagine. Start right now to wisely choose what you post on any platform.

Content marketing expert and podcaster Dave Charest says that in the world of theatre, social media “allows everyone a louder voice,” and with so much chatter in the social media world, a loud and clear voice that lets decision makers get to know you a bit more goes a long way. He explains, “The tools are available to build your own platform. You can listen, respond, and interact directly with your audience … forming the basis for any long-term marketing strategy.”

Because like it or not, as you move from high school to college or from one job to another, a certain amount of power lies in the hands of college administrators and employers. Checking an applicant’s social posting is actually becoming a normal part of researching candidates. Use social media as a tool for success in getting to wherever you hope your plans will take you. Below, are key tips to follow.

Social Media as a Tool for Success: Personal Branding

You’ve probably heard, time and again, that authenticity is essential in this theatre business — particularly for actors. It can be challenging to “just be yourself” during the limited time you have in person. But with a steady stream of content on social platforms, being yourself has never been easier. Treat your social channels as a way to introduce yourself on your own terms and with your own voice.

Note that “steady stream of content” does not translate to constant. You can help your followers look forward to your posts by being intentional in what you share and not flooding their feeds with your posts. You know that person who posts 10 times a day and that you’ve unfollowed? Don’t be that person.

For example, you can post about more than just your theatre activities. Show that you’re a well-rounded person with other interests and hobbies, too. Maybe you could share inspirational quotes that reflect your values and principles. Or maybe you love to tell riddles and you post one a week. Think of the many different characteristics that make you you, and share those aspects of yourself. It’ll give your circle of influence a strong sense of who you are as a person and an artist.

guy on computer and phonePhoto credit Zen Chung Pexels

A word about sharing your truly personal life. It’s okay to be real, and yet, always think before you post: Is it true? Is it kind? Is it necessary? There is no urgency in posting “this very second” when you’re being intentional with your social media platforms’ content. Not every mood or thought is post worthy. There’s a huge difference between your “personal branding” and the nitty-gritty details of your personal life day in and day out.

Social Media as a Tool for Self-Promotion

Theatre is a competitive industry that’s brimming with talent. And everyone is competing for highly coveted jobs. Social media gives you an opportunity to showcase your expertise and stand out from the crowd.

Mandy, a creative community that helps artists and performers find work and develop their career, recognizes how important it is to become digitally savvy. They write, “Employers and theatrical companies are now looking beyond strong professional experience and a good work ethic when hiring professionals in the theatre industry. Your social media accounts are to be treated as a public, interactive portfolio.”

So, what does that look like from a content perspective? Here are some suggestions:

● Behind-the-scenes experiences with different projects
● Awards, achievements, and special recognition
● New skills you’re learning, or new skills you’ve mastered
● Promotional content created by the theatre’s marketing department
● Content that shows attendance at shows, conferences, or industry-related events.

Networking with Peers & Pros for Success

According to Heidi Dean, a popular marketing expert who specializes in social media marketing for actors, she says we should think of social media more like a telephone than a megaphone. Without engaging with others online on a regular basis, you lose a key component that makes social media so valuable. Make sure you’re not being one-sided in your social conversations online. Below are valuable habits to develop:

● Follow and engage with fellow theatre artists
● Spotlight your fellow cast members, your director and designers, and your production crew members
● Comment on posts from other industry professionals
● Ask your followers a question to invite conversation and connections
● Share posts about events related to the industry and your brand
● Express gratitude to employers, peers, and others for unique opportunities.

The Importance of Staying Current

Yes, it might sound old-fashioned, but it’s just as important as ever to stay updated about industry news. This was made all the more significant when industry professionals from every part of theatre needed to stay informed on changes and outlooks related to the pandemic. Staying current helps you be informed about new productions and possible opportunities, and keeps you engaged with the community. Be sure to get your news and information from a variety of sources, too. 

Natalie Clare is a Cincinnati-based writer who composes original content for brands, organizations, and publications. As a storyteller, she writes fiction and nonfiction, and she directs and produces works of film. Visit her at

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