WE KNOW: Virtual events aren’t quite the same as in-person theatre festivals. So why should you get psyched about attending Thespian Nation Live, the International Thespian Society’s first multistate chapter event January 29-31? Here are six convincing reasons.

You’ll reconnect with your theatre tribe.

Just like your in-person chapter event, Thespian Nation Live provides the time and space to hang out with other troupes in your chapter. Bonus: You also can meet fellow Thespians and Junior Thespians from around the country – and even elsewhere in the world. Participating chapters span geographically from Maine and Connecticut to California and Hawaii. You’re sure to make new friends chatting in sessions and group chats for your areas of interest.

Madia Cooper-Ashirifi will be teaching a workshop at Thespian Nation Live entitled “Soul Stomping: African Dance on Broadway”. Photo from ITF 2020.

You’ll learn from Broadway professionals.

Being stuck at home in quarantine is a perfect time to learn new theatre skills and get better at your craft. At Thespian Nation Live, you can participate in 20 workshops from top teaching artists. Topics range from acting to African dance, and casting to costuming.

Best of all: You don’t have to cram it all into one weekend. Your registration gets you access for 30 days after the event. But be sure to take advantage of the chance for live Q&A with your favorite instructors during the workshop sessions.

Eric Barnes will be teaching a workshop at Thespian Nation Live entitled "Blood, Guts and Gore Props". Photo from 2020 ITF.

You can improve your ThespyTM entry.

Many Thespians come to chapter events to perform or present their entry for the International Thespian Excellence Awards, or Thespys for short (formerly Individual Events) – with an ultimate goal of scoring a superior and qualifying for the Thespy Award round at the International Thespian Festival. If that’s you, you won’t want to miss the one-on-one coaching sessions at Thespian Nation Live. You can sign up to get feedback that you can use to polish your Thespy entry before your qualifier round.

Not sure how to participate in the Thespys? You can qualify either through your chapter or at a unified qualifying event in March for students who aren’t part of a chapter or need a make-up opportunity due to COVID. Contact your troupe director for guidance.

Thespy coaching is available on a first come, first serve basis, so that’s good reason to register early.

A Thespian participates in College Auditions at 2018 ITF. Photo by Corey Rourke.

You’ll discover paths for theatre in college — and beyond.

If you feel like you’ve found your calling in theatre, you’re probably wondering how to take your passion to the next level. Thespian Nation Live offers two ways to explore potential theatre paths after high school:

  • Sign up for college auditions (grade 11 and 12) or college prep auditions (grades 9 and 10) for your chance to impress reps from university theatre departments seeking talent for their programs. Auditions cost $15 in addition to the $65 registration fee.
  • Get advice on theatre careers from the real-life people doing the jobs. In workshops, you can learn about working as a professional stage manager, writer, casting director, and more.

And if your dream is to become a professional actor, be sure to attend the workshop on virtual auditions where you can ask questions of Broadway actor Arbender Robinson.

Erin Carr will be teaching a workshop at Thespian Nation Live entitled "Impulses Through Viewpoints". Photo from 2020 ITF.

You get to do theatre!

You’re a Thespian because you love theatre. So of course you’re bummed that so many stages must stay dark during the pandemic. When you attend Thespian Live, you’ll raise the curtain on three glorious days of exactly what you love: acting, singing, dancing, designing, and enjoying theatre with thousands of kindred spirits who feel just like you do.

You’ll get motivated.

If the prospect of three straight days of theatre isn’t enough to lift your spirits, you need to hear Cody Renard Richard’s keynote speech. Richard, a Broadway and TV stage manager, will share an inspiring speech about the future of theatre, including new and different opportunities opening up because of the pandemic. His message of hope and creativity is the perfect antidote to the coming months of continued quarantine.

OK, you’re convinced. Where do you sign up? Visit the Thespian Nation Live website. Be sure to check with your troupe director to see if he or she is registering your troupe together.

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