Indiana University Theatre & Dance is a community of passionate practitioners and scholars with the mission to advance the art, scholarship, and appreciation of theatre and dance and its place in society. The richness of our creative processes and the strength of our community rely on the incorporation of each individual’s unique experiences.

Students at Indiana University Theatre & Dance take part in rich creative processes. Each individual’s unique experience reflects the passion of the program!

The artistry and scholarship that develops in our programs is the result of formal instruction, individual mentoring, and the collaborative work in classrooms and onstage that occurs when people of vision and expertise work together. We give our students the space and support they need to dive deeply into their studies and the enhancement of their talents.

IU Theatre & Dance produces plays, dances, original productions, works of scholarship, and publications; our program integrates classroom theory with studio practice, providing design, production, and leadership experiences that emulate the scale, complexity, and aesthetic integrity of professional regional theatres. Our department explores all facets of professional performance: we are playwrights, actors, dancers, dramaturgs, technicians, and scholars, taught by leading professionals in contemporary dance and the theatrical arts. We are a NAST accredited program and members of both URTA and USITT. Our faculty is nationally recognized for their professional, scholarly, and artistic achievements.

Housed within the Indiana University College of Arts and Sciences, our programs include a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre & Drama, a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Musical Theatre or in Dance, and a Masters of Fine Arts with your choice of concentration in Acting, Costume Design, Costume Technology, Directing, Dramaturgy, Lighting Design, Playwriting, Scenic Design, and Theatre Technology.

We invite you to Relate, Create, and Collaborate with us as you pursue your college or graduate career. Learn more at♦  


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