Hi there, Thespians! My name is Simran Jain, and I am an ITO and STO from right outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I’m currently a senior in International Thespian Society Troupe 1154 at Springfield Township High School. I’ve worked onstage as a cast member and backstage as a stage crew member and a costume crew member.

I’ve been acting since I was five years old, and theatre has impacted me more than any other activity! As I watch the world around me change, I love the consistency that theatre making offers.

High school students on stage performing. One female and six males singing and dancing

Simran Jain performing with other Thespian troupe members.

Advocating to Make March Theatre in Our Schools Month in the U.S.

I’m beyond thrilled to be working with this group of ITO. As a group, we are working to get March officially declared as Theatre in Our Schools Month nationwide in the U.S.! Our group effort goes hand-in-hand with my personal ITO goal to increase Thespian outreach and participation.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic hampered theatre activities, our Thespian membership numbers took a huge hit. I’ve learned there are some chapters with only one troupe in an entire state! My theatre education has influenced who I am today, so it’s my goal to give as many other students as possible a voice through theatre, too.

Simran Jain on Getting Out the Vote!

Working to make Theatre in Our Schools Month nationally recognized in the U.S. helps me combine my two greatest interests: theatre and government. This last year was extremely difficult. A lot of people couldn’t see their dreams or passions come alive, but I tried to take advantage of the virtual platform to advocate for something especially important in 2020: voting. I created numerous sites to make voter registration easy and to help people navigate their nearby in-person polling places. Here is one of the remaining voter-registration sites I created

A major part of my efforts included creating a public service announcement (PSA). With the help of my community, this PSA caught the attention of a radio station that shared it. The PSA was also picked up by many other news outlets. By the end of the election, my numbers showed more than 700 new voter registrations through my sites. It was thrilling!

Despite challenges brought on by the pandemic, I was able to spark change. Now, I have the chance to encourage more progress as an International Thespian Officer. I am so excited to see how we can make an impact this year in the theatre world. 

Indian teenager girl, long black hair, blue shirt with gray background

Connect with Simran by email ([email protected]) or on Instagram @Simranjain12345

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