At SLShowTech, we have a simple yet powerful mission: to bring the magic of high-quality 3D animated scenic projections to every theater production, regardless of budget constraints. With deep roots in the theater community we understand the financial challenges that often accompany the pursuit of visual excellence. That’s why we’ve made it our pledge to offer our scenic projections at a price point that everyone can embrace – $600 or less for any show.
Why choose us?

1. Transform Your Stage with 3D Animated Projections

Our full show packages are designed to infuse your productions with unparalleled depth, taking your audience on an unforgettable visual journey. With dynamic 3D transitions, captivating special effects, and immersive interactivity, SLShowTech breathes life into every scene, ensuring that your production stands out in the spotlight.

2. Budget-Friendly

Quality should never be compromised by cost. We are committed to maintaining uncompromised quality while making our projections remarkably affordable. We firmly believe that every theater deserves access to the transformative power of scenic projections.

3. Script-Accurate

Our scenic projections are meticulously crafted in alignment with the official show scripts, eliminating any guesswork and ensuring that your audience experiences a seamless and faithful performance.

4. Instant Customization

We believe every show is different. With our innovative ShowOne App instantly tweak and transform scenes in real-time, allowing you to perfectly align every moment with your creative vision. It’s creativity without constraints, and it’s at your fingertips.

At SLShowTech, we’re not just about projections; we’re about empowering your creativity. We invite you to explore the endless possibilities that our 3D animated scenic projections can bring to your productions. Join us in transforming the stage, where every show finds its unique voice.

Experience the Revolution in Scenic Projections:

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