IN THIS WEEK’S “Faces of ITS” profile, meet Lauren Stadler, a Thespian senior from Troupe 4745 at Blaine High School in Blaine, Minnesota.

Lauren Stadler

Lauren Stadler

How has theatre impacted your life?
I have met some of the most incredible people through theatre. I’ve had the opportunity to create a family other than my biological one — a family that supports and cares for each other. I’ve made friends I know I will have for the rest of my life. Without theatre, I dont know if I even would have met some of those people at all.

Theatre also allows me to show off my personality without fear of ridicule. I know that when I’m in the theatre, I don’t have to be scared to be who I truly am. I couldn’t be more thankful for everything theatre has done for me.

What is one lesson you’ve learned from theatre?
Through theatre, I’ve learned to be more of a leader. For my entire life, I’ve struggled with social anxiety. However, because of theatre, I’m starting to come out of my shell. As vice president of my troupe, I want to be a voice for those in theatre with my same struggles. I’ve learned to stand up for myself and others and to be a person who radiates positivity and kindness.

What has been your favorite theatre experience so far?
My favorite theatre experience has either been ITF 2019 or the 2020 Minnesota Thespian Conference. ITF was one of the best experiences — getting to see all the spectacular shows, being with my friends, and participating in the great workshops was amazing. But conference this year was a dream come true. My original play was performed for audiences and was received positively. I got to see my talented friends perform in their all-state show. I got to live a dream since my freshman year of performing my monologues at the closing ceremony and receiving a superior rating. A lot of good things happened that weekend.

Who is your theatre hero?
My theatre hero would have to be Michael Arden. He’s such an inspiration to me. He’s portrayed two of my all-time favorite theatrical characters (Peter from Bare and Quasimodo from The Hunchback of Notre Dame) and directed the Broadway revival of Once on this Island. As someone who has love for a lot of different aspects of theatre — acting, playwriting, directing — seeing someone pursue all their interests is so inspiring. It shows you don’t just have to stick to one thing for the rest of your life.

What theatrical character or show best describes your life?
I would have to say the theatrical character I relate to most is Jo March from Little Women. Although I’m not necessarily as outspoken as her, I also have a lot of passion. I try to fight for what I believe in, and I will always stick up for those I care about. My friends and family are the most important people in my life, and I care for them more than I care for myself. I also want to make an impact one day on others. I don’t just want to fade away and be forgotten. I want to leave an impression for years to come, just like Jo does.

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