The Department of Theatre and Dance at Ball State University fosters compassionate, inclusive, and empathetic human beings. We challenge our students to become exceptional artists through the exploration of the dynamic relationship between art and the human experience. We are guided by seven core values which reflect your journey as a student within our department:

Character: We practice deliberate and active empathy, kindness, and respect.
Inclusivity: We pursue radical inclusion of all voices, backgrounds, and perspectives, especially those
marginalized by history.
Collaboration: We foster an environment of collaboration in all things artistic, academic, and
Critical Thinking: We emphasize a broadminded liberalarts mentality and the connection of ideas
across disciplines and experiences.
Empowerment: We equip our students with a spirit of selfdirection and independent vision for their art
and their lives.
Innovation: We inspire our students to break new ground in their artistic and educational journeys.
Professional Excellence: We instill in our students the work ethic and disciplinespecific skills,
experiences, and connections necessary to succeed in the professional world.

Bachelor of Fine Arts Degrees
We offer bachelor of fine arts (BFA) degrees in:

Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Science Degrees
We offer bachelor of arts (BA) or bachelor of science (BS) degrees in:

Visit us at for this year’s audition and interview information. 

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