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Festival Profile: <em>Quilters</em>

Festival Profile: Quilters

Troupe 6826 proves the whole is greater than the sum of its parts

Jun 15, 2020

You registered for ITF. Now what?

You registered for ITF. Now what?

Make the most of your virtual festival experience

Jun 12, 2020

Faces of ITS: Cameron Mayers

Faces of ITS: Cameron Mayers

Mississippi Thespian says theatre brings positive change

Jun 11, 2020

Five Questions with <br/>Abby Stuckrath

Five Questions with
Abby Stuckrath

ITO encourages Thespians to embrace their theatre communities

Jun 10, 2020

Festival Profile: <em>All My Sons</em>

Festival Profile: All My Sons

Kansas Thespians find timely message in classic play

Jun 09, 2020

Festival Profile: <br/><em>Something Rotten!</em>

Festival Profile:
Something Rotten!

Thespian Troupe 4982 served up comedic rhythm and fun

Jun 08, 2020

Faces of ITS: Curtis Lewis Jr.

Faces of ITS: Curtis Lewis Jr.

North Carolina Thespian creates moments of beauty through theatre

Jun 05, 2020

Why We Do Theatre

Why We Do Theatre

A pandemic “commencement address” for theatre students

Jun 04, 2020

Festival Profile: <em>A Chorus Line</em>

Festival Profile: A Chorus Line

North Carolina Thespians pay homage to a long-running musical

Jun 03, 2020

Festival Profile: <em>The Theory of Relativity</em>

Festival Profile: The Theory of Relativity

Illinois Thespians tell stories of connectivity

Jun 01, 2020

Faces of ITS: Jessi Kirtley

Faces of ITS: Jessi Kirtley

Georgia Thespian encourages everyone to embrace their path

May 28, 2020

Festival Profile: <em>Puffs</em>

Festival Profile: Puffs

North Carolina Thespians explore flip side of a popular wizarding world

May 27, 2020